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Helen Lay

A beautiful blog post Amy, I'm sorry for your loss. I've just started blogging, I put it off for so long because I didn't just want a craft blog, it's a big part of my life but I want to write about all the aspects.

George's pyjamas comment struck a particular chord with me. Both my Nans died when I was 5, less than 8 months apart. They lived round the corner from each other so died in the same hospital. When the second one was moved from a ward to a private room I apparently matter of factly told my Mum that my Nan (her mum) wasn't coming home, and I was right. I didn't go to their funerals, but I remember them happening vividly, and when my Grandads died, in 2011 and 2012, it really bought all those memories back as has your blog post today.

So I hope writing this post has helped and thank you for sharing it. Take care, sending you all love.

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