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M is for make

I LOVE that advert, it is brilliant and always brings a lump to my throat. Though the article which I also read in the Times today made me pretty sad too, the idea of women struggling to find the right formula sounds all too familiar. Love John Lewis though, I always go there when I make a rare trip to London. This week I did just that and bought socks and pants for my 5 year old and bias binding, where else could you do that?!


Oh I have watched this ad over and over again - I love it!! Agree its so White, glossy and styled but it does make you realise how quickly everything passes. Ive watched it so much to know that she either gets a new fridge halfway through (because from wide shot the fridge is practically beside the wall whilst before it was in centre of units) or the continuity guy was off the day that bit was edited! Great to hear you had a lovely weekend, tWas quiet here too, but much needed after a freaky weird week!! You have reminded me, the times is sitting on hall table not even opened yet! Em x


Ok, just watched it again and realised she did get a new kitchen!! Apologies to Mr Continuity!


Sounds like a great Sunday and I love the John Lewis advert too!!! Hope youve had a good weekend!


Kate - it is a bit of a sad article because its so true that we have to juggle our needs and wants with families, careers, relationships, illness, hardship etc... etc... but I think all those things in the mix with a fair amount of optimism that we are simply lucky to be here - is actually enriching. Real life isnt rose tinted but yes... it makes me sad too to think of women struggling with all these pulls on their resources....Ha! Emma you made me laugh - I almost watched the advert again (Ive watched it 3 times this evening - nearly cried the third time) to check before I read the rest of your comment.

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