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this.was. hilarious. Seriously! I have a guy like this too, but I am not as kind as you...I pretend to talk on my cell phone :)My husband always tells me the best cure for a headache is sex...but what does he know ;)


The best bit was I was breastfeeding at the time and literally completely covered up but he could not take his eyes away from the snackzone and kept pausing and hmmming and was obviously DYING to say something but a bit too polite... he was with a very very large individual on a mobility scooter whose exposed gut was hanging literally I kid you not about two feet down from their jumper (thats right. two feet of exposed flesh) and kept piping up and elaborating on what he was saying. It was seriously like something out of little britain. I dont know how I didnt start laughing. When I left the doctors room he even said something to me in klingon! So surreal!And now I know why I had a cracking headache. No sex. Think your husbands onto something there..... Gwyn John forget the paracetemol --- get here now! ;)

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