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Hey AmyIm really sorry to hear that youve been having a difficult time recently. I hope the homeopath helps. Im thinking of you.Eleanor x x x x

M is for make

Sinusitis is so painful, combined with sleep deprivation, I do feel for you. A date at the cinema sounds great - I went for the first time in ages this week to see SATC 2, not that great, but its nice to be out, being a grown up. Hang on in there, it will get easier!

Megan poor girl. I really hope that whatever you tried work. I love your perspective and most, I love your honesty. Being a mom is great, but it really is the hardest thing ever...and when youre sick...its almost impossible. Glad you got to get out...I went to the movies with my sister when I visited her and I was just so giddy being at the theatre...i think my second time since i had the kids :)

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