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Kate at M is for make

great review - I only had a quick flick through it and liked the bold colours and the fact it was a bit different to the usual. Ill be keeping an eye out for you with mad flowers sewn to your clothes at the bus stop...


looks good, I did miss itnow I want one


Are you in my brain, because I had almost exactly the same reaction to the magazine. I bought it for something to read on the train, more out of curiosity than anything else, and was left with an overall feeling of eh. The stuff I liked, I REALLY liked, but some of it seemed a little off-kilter. I think I also would have liked a little more feature and actually fewer pictures. It was very pretty, but felt like it was lacking content, somehow.On the other hand, I love the idea of a magazine that is multi-crafty. I switch between activities so much, its nice having something that I feel was made with me and my short attention span in mind! Will be interesting to see what Issue 2 is like.

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