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The doilys looking great, picots or no picots, and it looks like its been a mammoth task for you.You have no idea how relieved I am to hear that theres someone else who struggles with straight lines on a sewing machine! I took lessons earlier in the year, and the teacher kept saying if you just let it feed itself through, itll come out straight. Er. Yeah, no, not so much. And thats not even on oilcloth, which sounds fiendish :S Sounds like youve had a bit of A Week all round. From talking to friends, its definitely the parents who have a harder time when the kids go off to nursery for the first time - I really hope that when it all actually starts, things seem easier to cope with Whats the weather like down there? I know that when its blustery and grey here, things always seem awful, and the dark nights are not helping at all. *sends sunny thoughts*


Hey Amy,Hope youre ok. Youre amazing - youre like the mum I want to be one day. At least you can know that Ruby is going off to nursery having had the best start in life possible. Thinking of you x x x x

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