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Kate @ M is for make

Lovely hats. I feel bad, but your reluctant model did give me a fit of the giggles. There is something very funny about those photos and I can't quite put my finger on it.

Luke recently made me cut the bobble off his hat (after wearing it + bobble for over a year) he suddenly took a dislike to it. Now his hat looks naked without it. If the cat hadn't been batting the bobble around our dusty floor for a couple of weeks, I'd be tempted to sew it back on.


Does it make it better that the only reason I got any angles of it was because I was running around him whilst he was talking to Ruby?

I think it's the bobble that makes it so amusing.

Kate @ M is for make

I was thinking about this later, and it struck me that it reminds me of those photos they take of people in America when they get arrested (Hugh Grant style). But in a splendid bobble hat. It's those brilliant angles that do it. Could this be your unique selling point on Etsy?!! Next time have him holding up a sign with your shop name and the price.

I'm making ideas happen here today.


Yep - he's a proper reprobate.

I actually think there are rules against that. Holding up your price I mean. On etsy. Obviously.

Nathalie Goad

Gwyn should definitely give up his day job and pursue a career in modelling

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