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Kate @ M is for make

I am totally run down too, week 2 of my never ending cold from hell. So I'm having a detox week of early bed and no booze. Let's see if I am refreshed and youthful by the weekend.

Hope you feel better soon,


I like the top dress, very impressed with the sewing. Hope you feel better soon, this winter has been a crap one. Everywhere you look someone is run down. Hopefully, March and sunshine will help.


If you don't mind adapting sizes, I've got some nice dresses in my pattern stash that you're welcome to rummage through - I'll upload some photos and am happy to post :)

Sounds like that bug's got you good and proper :S I always find it so hard to find the energy to eat/sleep/exercise right when I'm feeling grotty, even though I know it'd do me good. But there are so many people struggling through this winter, sounds like we need an immune system support group! Hope you feel better soon xx

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