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Ooh herbs! One of the things I hate most about our current flat is that it gets almost no light, so nothing grows apart from a peace lily. As far as I can tell, they're indestructable!

That's interesting about Basil and Coriander. I'd totally agree about the latter - it just keels over in about 2 days. But as a student, I grew a basil plant the size of a triffid! I had a warm, sunny room, and it just grew and grew and grew. If you've got a sunny spot next to a hot water pipe or somewhere that's always warm, it might be worth a go.


Wishing your herbs lots of green power, I hope they serve you well. I love the look of that book- I may have to have a look over on Amazon.Lovely to meet you x


ps, we used to live in Brighton (well Hove, actually) until 2009 when we couldn't afford to stay any more- I miss it so much! x

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