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Kate @ M is for make

Your fringe is perfection in that picture, well done.

This certainly seems like a much better method than randomly bookmarking stuff I like only to forget about it straight away.

I almost don't want to join because it looks so addictive.

Kate @ M is for make

update: no self control, I have asked to join the club...


I love it too- I started just before we moved house in November as I got bit obsessed with planning the rooms and haven't used it anywhere near as much since.


Be warned it's addictive, but such a fun way of scrapbooking. I am constantly pinning. Love your photo... lusho hair! lou x


I've seen more and more people using Pinterest, but have resisted because, like Kate, I'm worried it could get addictive. I do like the way you can group things, though.

Love your picture, btw - very stylish :)

Flora (@arealholiday)

It's genius. Love it. Am now on the waiting list. Feels like I'm waitng for membership to some uber-cool private members club!

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