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Lou @ Littlegreenshed

Hi Amy, love the herb pot. How about a cucumber. There outdoor ones (your garden centre should have small plants)... put in a big pot tie it into a trellis or cane tipi as it grows up. You;ll have your own cucumbers in a couple of months - they are very greedy so need a feed of tomato food every now and then. Lou xx


Yes definitely chop the mint back. Herbs respond well to pruning & it makes them nice and bushy. Not sure what's happening with your Azalea, but they do like an ericaceous compost. How about growing some cut & come again salad leaves? Nice & easy and saves a fortune if you're a regular salad eater.


I really like the bread box you are using for your herbs. I have heard that if you plant your mint in a simple plastic pot and then plant the pot in the ground it stops the mint from spreading and overtaking the rest of the garden. This is the first year we have had a place to plant anything of our own, so I have not tried it myself yet.


Great suggestions! And that tip about the mint is very clever - definitely need to up my game in the garden...

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