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I have just had a burst of memory - my daughter (now 18) insisted on dressing herself from an early age. I used to joke that I would get a badge made for her to wear which said 'I dressed myself today' so that the world knew I had nothing to do with some of the outfits she came up with. I am happy to tell you that she looks great these days - it is a phase!


Adorable! I think Karen's badge idea is so cute, if I saw a three year old girl with a badge like that in a crazy cute outfit like your daughter's, it would make my day! :)
Thanks for sharing the cuteness!
Ashley x

Kate @ M is for make

It is really cool as now she matches you Amy, I've always loved your odd socks look :)


My daughter is 24 and still wears mismatched socks, quite deliberately. She's actually one of the most stylish young women I know (she's working in Ted Baker while studying for a Masters degree so she's not short of fab clothes) ... it's just her way of expressing her independence, just like young Ruby. We wouldn't want them to be less than themselves, now would we ;)

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