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Hello! Long-time lurker, first time commenter here - happy birthday! I'll be 29 this week and if I won I'd like the Liberty Book of Home Sewing because it looks too lovely.

Susie Goodwill

Oooh.....I would love the '200 crochet blocks' book as I only know how to do granny squares. I would love some inspiration to crochet something more interesting!
*Happy Birthday*

nimble fingers and steady eyebrows

Hey, what a fab giveaway! A very happy birthday to you. I'd love to win the Liberty Book of Home Sewing. Have a lovely day. Laura x

Lou @ Littlegreenshed

Blimey I feel old, how can I be so old?! Cool giveaway Amy, I would love the liberty sewing book........ super gorgeous. have an awesome birthday lovely Lou xxx


Ooh, what a lovely idea :) Having just passed the big 3-0, I promise it was painless!

I think it would have to be the Liberty book for me, and I'll get on to RTing it!

Have you got plans for the big day?

Cara Donovan

Ah, have a fab birthday, I'm having my last year of my 30's from next month onwards. I hated turning 30, but have had the best decade of my life so far. I'd love the crochet book as it has become a bit of an obsession this year.

I've got a book giveaway on my book blog, for the October reading group if you fancy it:


Happy 30th Birthday - I have just had my 40th and now I am feeling very old! I would love the 200 crochet blocks book. Hope you enjoy your celebrations. xxx

Katy Lemon

Happy Birthday! I turned 30 in April and it's not been too bad at all. Apart from feeling the need for new improving face creams and a new 30 year old wardrobe (cool but more sophisticated). I hope you have lots of nice plans. I would absolutely LOVE the Liberty Sewing book xx

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