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Love the first photo! It's coming on beautifully, great colours. I now have 5 WIPs on the go, I really need to finish something pronto. Laura x


Loving the blanket, I have some Patons smoothie that I found in the bargain bin, £1.60 a ball and it's gorgeous! I think it'd be lovely to use some of the annuals your Dad saved, maybe you could use pages to cover a little ikea chair for your little boy, bunting is an ace idea too. Also I saw some cards at a vintage fair that were snippets from old annuals mounted on scraps of vintage fabric and adorned with buttons which looked great (hmm, sounds hideous from my description though!). I also love saving things from boot sales that others would give house (or shed!) space to! I really enjoy your blog, haven't commented before as I'm not a blogger myself but your Dad's annual buying struck a chord with me!xx


The colors are really pretty! Love it!


Love the blanket. I made a large granny blanket for my mother's king size waterbed when I was younger. It took over a 4 oz skein per row at the end.

Hope you find a gem in your stack of magazines.


The looks so great! Really inspires me to makes one.


Your granny afghan is gorgeous! I love the top photo.


That blanket is so cozy and prettily coloured, I wish I had it draped over my lap right now.

I think bunting made with vintage books is an awesome idea, too.


I love the afghan - so colorful!


Lovin the blanket! Dandy and Bunty! I live in Canada, my english father used to look all over the books stores for annuals when I was a kid (1960's)they were a treat. My brother and I used to pour over them. Brings back great memories :0)

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