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Lou @ Littlegreenshed

Aw hun, I have always loved your honesty and realness on your blog. It has been a difficult year for you... and you have come through it. BIg hugs, (I love to tweet you!) here's to an awesome 2012. Lou xxx


That is sad but beautiful the way you wrote everything. I get the whole difficult Christmas thing, I'm right with you there.

Your pledge is inspiring, I am wanting to do the same kind of thing but you sound much more determined than I. I am interested in your smoothie kale recipes and would very much like to know more about it all!

This has inspired me into making a concrete plan and resolution so hopefully I will stick to it more.

Thank you, and I hope things get a little easier for you as time goes on. Xx


What a really honest and heart felt post. Just wanted to say that I lost my Dad in 2011 too, and like you, Christmases were never easy as my parents had also gone their separate ways years before and although I enjoy it, it does tend to resonate a certain past sadness. It is hard sometimes thinking of what could have been.

Big hugs for your journey in 2012.



It sounds like you've been able to do some serious thinking to take you in 2012, and this post is truly lovely. Sorry your Christmas was so hard, and I love that picture of you and your dad - what a lovely memento!

From what you're saying, you found out a lot in 2011, and it's bound to help you in 2012. Here's to a good one

*big hugs*

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