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Oh, I stand up and salute you! What a wonderful project. Good luck, although I'm sure you won't need it.

I hope George is feeling better soon.

Cara x


A square a day sounds like a great plan. I've got too many other WsIP to tackle it, but maybe I'll commit to a stripe a week on my ENORMOUS tunisian crochet blanket!

Shame about your other squares. They're a lovely colour combination. I absolutely agree with you about prices on Etsy etc. Quilts tend to be sensibly valued, but not crochet so much (as usual ;))

Sorry to hear about George - sounds like you all had quite a time of it. Hope he's doing better today and that you're all recovered soon! xx


Sounds like a great idea. I might just join you. Although I'm already behind!

I was hoping to complete a granny square blanket by next winter anyway, this is a good way to make sure it gets done!

What yarn were you planning to use? This is what always throws me. I was thinking a mix of navy, turquoise, yellow and white but I never know what type of yarn. Something that won't cost an absolute fortune but nice quality? Any advice?



I'm with you! I have about fifty squares of a blanket that I started last winter and I really need to get it finished. Hopefully this will be the push that I need to make a tiny bit of crochet space each day. After the kids go to bed works for me too. Laura x


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