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Sometimes I think a long bout of illness is sent to remind us how great it is to feel healthy.....does that make sense??? I tend to take for granted the fact that I leap out of bed every day full of vitality (maybe 'leap' is an exaggeration!)
Glad you're all well again and hope you manage to catch up on your grannies. I'm finding this project gets put on the back burner when life is in full swing x x

Lou @ Littlegreenshed

Bonjour! Nice to see you back. Glad you are feeling better - although being on twitter I now what your up to anway ;-). THAT CAKE! It's flipping awesome, what a cool party! Love it. Oh keep well hun, surely those green smoothies must be doing something? xx

Frances birks

Haha I was going to point out that the kids look like ghosts in one of the pics, then zoomed in on my phone and realised they have blue painted faces, phew!! X

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