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Kate @ M is for make

I can't believe how grown up George looks now!

My advice for the first day is, try and hold it together until after you have dropped Ruby off and wear big sunglasses just incase! It will all be fine, if a little quieter at lunchtimes, and a whole lot of walking back and forth to school!


My eldest started secondary school today - they all looked so old (wearing "subtle" makeup and tights) and she has shed loads of homework already. My advice for next week is to keep it all low key, she will be fine (don't even think that she won't) and enjoy your one on one time with George as within a blink of an eye, they will both be teenagers. Really, no joking.

Just think, if George still has afternoon naps, you may get the odd hour of peace and quiet to yourself too. Don't get me wrong, I adore my kids but I also really really appreciate a nice cup of tea on my own! xxx

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