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Angela Tobin

A really thought provoking post - and thanks for highlighting Meet Me at Mike's. I'd heard of it before but forgotten to check it out.

So time to do more of what you like? Gosh, that sounds like a luxury especially at the moment (christmas prep, shopping, wrapping etc etc)

I too agree with being healthy (although I do still manage to scoff a chocolate bar a day - oops!) and definitely agree with making lists. I love a list, and love ticking things off even more. I don't think I'd get anything done if it wasn't for making lists!

I think you have to be a bit selfish and make time for yourself. I try to see friends for a night out at least once a fortnight, and I find running both very calming and exhilarating (if that makes sense?) Plus obviously, I find time to make stuff regularly.

What I do struggle with though is finding quality time to spend with my husband - just the two of us with no housework/diy/guests!!! I feel a new years resolution coming on....

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