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Wow, despite all the issues along the way, the end result looks amazing!! Can't believe your little one wasn't that into it, poor you x I remember and love all the different cakes my Mum made me as a child!

Susie Goodwill

It looks amazing.....I can't believe how bright it is. Definitely worth all the effort. Sadly, I've always found mine underwhelmed by my creations! For years I made elaborate cakes for my two often staying up til the early hours to finish them off. As requested, I made a volcano cake, a tractor, a russian doll, a 3D football, an orca, etc, etc....blood sweat & tears. Then for my son's 6th birthday I did a massive number 6, covered in chocolate ganache and as many sweets (maltesers, smarties, choc buttons, etc) as I could fit on, some edible glitter and indoor sparklers. It got the best reaction ever. From then on, that's what they've had every year. My man even had one for his 40th this year! It's become a bit of a family tradition and they're so easy.

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