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Susie Goodwill

I totally relate to the difficulty of getting the children on board.....and it my case, the old man! I use quite a bit of Quorn mince in bolognaise, shepherd's pie etc. We eat a tonne of jacket potatoes - then they can have whatever (nutritious) filling they desire. Neither of mine like baked beans, which is a pain but bizarrely will eat mixed beans in stews and things. Like you, we have salad with every meal....usually watercress, spinach & rocket. My son (13) is picky and it does my head in. I've told him, if he doesn't want to eat stuff that's fine but I don't want to hear about it at the table! I've lapsed on the whole smoothie/juice front recently but you've inspired me to make the effort. Re the breakfast thing, mine quite often have fruit, natural yoghurt & honey or sometimes I make breakfast bars with loads of dried fruit, seeds, nuts and muesli. I use a recipe similar to this and basically throw in whatever we have. I don't use as much sugar as this recipe and sometimes use agave syrup instead of honey. They're really tasty and the kids love them because it feels a bit like having a flapjack for breakfast! They like them with a side of yoghurt and fruit.
(Wow I've written an essay.....I love talking about food!) x x


Great post Amy and one I can relate to at the moment. When I (Baby Led) weaned Lewis I was super strict about healthy food - for us all! We ate quinoa, polenta, buckwheat...

But after 3 years things have slipped a little and although I make sure Lewis eats very well I do feel like we've fallen into a bit of a rut. And that's mainly because I've stopped doing the weekly menu plans. They really do help to bring variety to our meals.

I've also just bought The Fresh 20 cookbook - it has weekly menu plans alongside the recipes. I'll let you know how I get on.

One breakfast idea you could try is Bircher Museli - soak oats in apple juice over night, add grated apple or dried fruit as desired. In the morning stir through yoghurt and add fresh fruit if required. Lewis will eat this until the cows come home!

PS Love Batman drinking the green juice!!


Hi there - I've been thinking lately about trying to change my food habits too so this post has been inspiring. Like you, I don't have much time to enjoy cooking at the end of the day, after work and housework and children, and even less time to enjoy shopping for the right ingredients. My teenagers are pretty good now for eating vegetables but they still survive on a wheat-based diet. Son no. 3 has 3 bowls of cereal each morning. When they were small I used to make 'rice sandcastles' - boil your rice then mould it into sandcastles by adding some butter/olive oil and packing into plastic beakers and tipping out onto the plate. I think that rice is slightly better for you than wheat. How about giving them a variety of salad dressings to try with their salad or some dips? My lot wouldn't eat a salad as such when they were small but strips of carrot, celery, cucumber, peppers etc made good finger food - we even used to do the 'smily face salads' with them - worth a try perhaps? Hang in there - they all get there in the end! Judy.


Me again! Have you seen the website 100 Days of Real Food? - it's got some great ideas and recipes (very american though) and I have just stumbled across Slim Palate (great recipe for Gluten free banana bread!)

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