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Hey Amy,

I definitely went through a phase like that with the kids. I think they still stay up later than I want now (remember the days when they were in bed firmly by 7?!) But these days they are better at doing their own thing and we can bumble along together a bit later, the routine has definitely shifted. And I remember feeling like I had no time of my own, to catch up, there's still a lot of that, but maybe a few more days now with windows of time for myself - however brief and eaten up by housework!!
Friendships have consumed a lot of my time this last few years, the impact of people in my life, how they got there, and the stuff you put up with. It's certainly a hard one to tackle. After experiencing a loss I think it's made me focus on my immediate family a lot more, reassess who is important.
Blogs have fallen by the wayside for me too, I am beginning to think they are out of date in the world of instagram (and the loathsome twitter and facebook!)
But thank god for reading, have you read "Gone Girl'? I love her style of writing and have just embarked on Gold Finch, which is currently depriving me of sleep :)

chin up love


Hah! We should start a 9pm Club :¬)

My big blogging phase was when I was made redundant, before I had Stashlet and while he was a baby and napped a lot, meaning that I had time and incentive to craft and blog (which takes more time than I think some people realise). Then toddler care and extreme crafting-mojo-exhaustion meant that creating and posting both went out of the window. That was followed by not really allowing myself to craft (even though some semblance of mojo had returned) because I had to get myself up to date with my industry (having not had a professional job for 4 years) before I could realistically start job hunting. I have completely run out of money and MUST get myself a job as soon as possible, so priorities have changed. So, in some respects, same as you - life just gets in the way, and some things become more important than others.

But listen, don't beat yourself up over seeing peers jetting off on swanky holidays, belonging to private members clubs, and having super fantastic sounding jobs. I have always felt that sort of life is a kind of grown-up pretend - it's just not real. It's people avoiding the sweat and the tears that real 'real' life is all about. Rose tinted glasses and all that...

Enthusiasm for blogs may have decreased (and it's certainly my experience judging by the reduced number of posts in my feedreader each day). I think that there will be definite losses in the blogging world, but I don't think they'll go for good. Blogs will adapt and that's the great thing about them - they really are a blank canvas that you can mould to fit your own requirements. And while there had been an enormous increase in other types of social media in the last few years, I am always left wondering what amount of time people have left to eat/sleep/make a living when they are constantly updating Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram...

I think blogs are a kind of friendship - you might not know your readers or other blog writers personally but a relationship develops. If people like your topics and writing style, they will keep reading your posts whether they are a day or a month apart because they are your friends and friends understand that sometimes other things go on behind the blog that are more important.

OK, you fell asleep at the start of the second paragraph, so I'll stop here :¬)

ps. purple drink + pink/green mandala = love it!

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